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i've seen the term "homophobic" misused  SO many times but this is the one time where it actually applies

this man was clearly afraid of being around this gay guy his mind, rumors could possibly spring up outta nowhere about him being gay too, etc.
he was literally scared and was pleading to be removed ...

this is what phobia looks like.

and he eventually took matters into his own hands
that prison's refusal to remove this clearly homophobic man away from the gay man was irresponsible - at the least IMO

he seemed frantic  :uhh:

still responsible for his actions and needs to be held accountable . but this could have been avoided - he actually reached out first

- prisoner repeatedly asks to be moved to another cell away from gay cellmate , clearly homophobic
- prison ignores his request
- prisoner ultimately kills gays cellmate
- prisoner charged with 1st degree murder

Who's to blame?

General Discussion / Re: Happy 13th Anniversary "HUMAN"
« Last post by Young on Today at 12:40:50 AM »
Listennnn.  :stressed:

General Discussion / Re: Happy 48th Birthday, Tyra!
« Last post by Planet Choke on Today at 12:38:21 AM »
Happy Birthday Quee’

Craz’ self  :wub:
General Discussion / Happy 13th Anniversary "HUMAN"
« Last post by long-timeNastyGirl on Today at 12:33:03 AM »

Brandy released "Human" 13 years ago today...


40 Million Views


Love this linkup so much

General Discussion / Re: SZA Tops The Streaming Charts w/ New Single
« Last post by JCJ on Today at 12:09:13 AM »

@ Ella Mae
Damn I guess I’m the only one that didn’t her album. I thought B7 was a much better Album and I had my issues with that too!  Jazmine and Ella mai had better cds too!
The amount of HITS in one damn room

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