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General Discussion / Re: THIS BITCH JUST SLAYS
« Last post by plastic on Today at 10:12:14 AM »
her face has always been long
General Discussion / Re: THIS BITCH JUST SLAYS
« Last post by Demetri Merrick Rocka 🤴🏾 on Today at 10:07:55 AM »
Her face kinda long in these pics.
Nasty bitches should form a group
Tears in my eyes from the joy that it gives me.
On the Queens IG story, Zahir said that the season finale leaves room for a season 2 so there’s potential the network might renew for a second season. I’m just hopeful that they can get an earlier slot and a target audience that will keep them on air.

the good thing in todays world is IF it gets cancelled they can shop to other networks or streaming services to pick it up.

Wishful thinking  :dead:
you’ve had it out for this show since the beginning  :plzstop:
Period!!! And he wasn't the only one. It was corny before a episode even aired.
Omfff they look amazing

Love brandy's hair and what shes wearing.
For what event

He didn’t specify but I’m assuming a NFL game.
Wrong thread.
This overall cast seems lackluster but i will give them a few views. Cynthia not that boring to me and Teddi was pretty interesting her first season. Loved how she budding heads with several cast members before becoming kyles lapdog.
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