Author Topic: Brandy's team where are Ya?  (Read 3880 times)


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Re: Brandy's team where are Ya?
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Zipping ur lips until something is closer to realization is definitely a learned skill for some people

comes naturally to some, but many have to learn how to do that.

So I can’t fault Ghan for that too much. I’m sure she had every intention to do what she said , but things didn’t pan out for whatever reason.

shes not a “liar”.
I fault her. Bran's biggest projects over the last 8 years have had nothing to do w/ music and she doesn't openly announce them, she just books and films and then we find out when its about to happen (The Game, Broadway, Star etc) and then she NEVER announces when she is featured on someone's song, it just comes out or we find out before from fan pages. I cnt remember the last time Bran came thru w/ something she announced or said was gonna happen when it came to music and she actually made it happen.
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