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And I'm tf READY
This overall cast seems lackluster but i will give them a few views. Cynthia not that boring to me and Teddi was pretty interesting her first season. Loved how she budding heads with several cast members before becoming kyles lapdog.

i like these type of shows so ill be watching for sure..

Nene new york and  eriyka would have been WAYYY better though
While a Halftime show may be out of reach atm; I definitely would love to see a Bran tribute on BET or some award show--that's overdue tbh 
Game starts 5pm on Fox btw. Lita on Saturday, Brandy on Sunday singing the anthem at the fucking NFC Championship 🥲. Is it 2001?!
Isn't her only other nationally televised national anthem the NFL All Star Game? This late season NFL Queen!

Hopefully they are getting her ready for her super bowl half time show Next Year.

I think Brandy and Monica could really give a half time show after the vs battle results
u want Brandy to do everything n

Her doing the halftime show makes like zero sense

General Discussion / Re: THIS BITCH JUST SLAYS
« Last post by ophelia_b on Today at 11:42:35 AM »
her face has always been long


unfamiliar ass fag
General Discussion / Re: So Ray J is hanging out with Trump now?
« Last post by ophelia_b on Today at 11:41:15 AM »
Brandy and Ray do give Republicans at times no shade.

They do
:plzstop: :plzstop: :plzstop: :plzstop:

Did Bran take this pic? :guys:

Probably well wearing a certain $45,000 ring no one’s ever seen

gvcvffrffgfggd t ffdfffdfcvcvvccffffff

what the FUCK is happening in here

General Discussion / Re: Red Dead girls
« Last post by ophelia_b on Today at 11:38:50 AM »
yea this is MUCH better than last of us



thats kinda impossible :udontlookok:

vvcccvv !!!

not sure what this gorl is on

Yeah I don’t care for her doing a halftime show but I do want her to get acknowledged at the AMAs, VMAs, Billboard or the actual BET Awards and do a medley of her hits the proper way
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