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I just found out Meghan Trainor was singing on this damn song (chorus/backgrounds)



Wack is a weirdo tho. Neither artist nentioned this on their pages  :plzstop:

And what kinda speedy editing  :plzstop:
The video was just done on monday.
Remember when everyone thought it was brandy singing the chorus of Toni Braxton's he wasn't man enough? Y'all say this about J Lo like this isn't sumn that's done by other artists
General Discussion / Re: Cardi X Bruno II - Please Me #01 on iTunes
« Last post by Freeruu on Today at 12:00:54 PM »

Y'all know other singers have other people sing their choruses too, right?  J lo killed the verses btw
General Discussion / Re: Mo'nique compares Steve to a slave
« Last post by L0NZ Wit Da Braids. on Today at 11:58:38 AM »

Why can’t people see through her shit. Trying to make this an “us” problem but it’s really the problem of an aging comedian. This has gone on far too long and she needs to be silenced for good.

General Discussion / Re: Mo'nique compares Steve to a slave
« Last post by Vocal Issues on Today at 11:57:29 AM »
And none of this changes the fact Steve openly stated that he will pander to white folks to secure a bag. I guess y’all aint paid much attention to Colin Kaepernick. A fine example of executing your work all while maintaining some goddamn pride and integrity. And he didn’t have to execute at the mercy of NFL because his work is much larger than NFL. Same goes for Hollywood. But Mo’Nique ain’t y’all tea and it’s apparent why.

Agreed 100 percent. What Steve said was gross
twenty eight daysss passed me by and she ain’t EVEN showwwwwwehhh
I meant RAPPER. and even you cant deny that  :raycharles2urmess: its time to be truthful in 2019

After cardi washed her on MotorCardi even that is in question. 

Nickel peaked in 2009.

Yall just gon’ have to admit that sus cant deliver a good studio album to save her life.

The desperate need to cross over abd please white twinks  :plzstop:

The Pinkprint was hella decent. You gotta admit.
But I agree. Even though it was nice I couldnt tell you the direction of the album at all.

Nicki just isnt a good artist. That whole Roman Reloaded era.....

PP is the closest she got but still has trash like the night is still young and all thise damn rap lullabies
This is what Sle's hair gives guys
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