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General Discussion / Re: Tamera, Girl....
« Last post by hitman_b on Today at 04:50:21 AM »
i thought i called tamera a dumb ass bitch in one of these threads  :uhh:
tea has been leaking just like with any other reunion

so far we have seating chart, mo apparently dragged the girls with a folder of receipts, and the last few hours gizelle melts down from the drag-a-thon that apparently takes place
vcccccccc this bby mama really lashed
the way they snatched the mess. who was it?
She's giving something on the Eve mess, I don't really care for the rest.
General Discussion / Re: Lil Wayne's daughter pays tribute to the Queen
« Last post by Annie on Today at 04:09:50 AM »
I love it but I also think she just needed a reason to show off the new boobs :dead:
General Discussion / Re: Tamera, Girl....
« Last post by M-Rocka on Today at 03:26:41 AM »
she's been getting dragged everywhere omg people had forgotten about this

This All Lives Matter response.  :dead:
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