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General Discussion / Re: Remember when Kelly tried to steal Brandy style?
« Last post by L0NZ. on Today at 03:26:46 PM »
They were Brandy inspired but I never listened to those songs and thought she was stealing. She still did her own thing.
General Discussion / Re: #B7 is 19 days away guise!!! (COUNTDOWN TO B7)
« Last post by hewritez on Today at 03:26:45 PM »
I have a feeling we'll get the iTunes snippets by Friday.
2 weeks out.
And I will be listening. I don't have the patience not to  :dead:

liberate that baby juice all over me man!
General Discussion / Re: Do you guys agree? Thoughts?
« Last post by Bentley. THE Moderator. on Today at 03:24:37 PM »

I disagree personally but I’d love to see what u guys think
Yea I disagree wholeheartedly (and honestly, I feel like anybody who thinks this way is a monkey)

Do they not know that Homer Plessy in Plessy v Ferguson was 1/8 black?!!  :uhh:

like ... blacks didn't make the one drop rule, whites did!

I hate when sooty niggers that hate the fact they resemble a heap of TAR create more division by being envious and hateful. Love your charcoal skin, lotion it, and keep it beautiful, maybe you wouldn't hate light skin
I feel much better tuhday
General Discussion / Re: Random thoughts ...
« Last post by Free Sawayama on Today at 03:21:27 PM »

im leaving for bit. praying for everyone else.

Rona and the Hurricanes 🙏
 linking up with my friends in the mid west.
General Discussion / Re: Naya Rivera Presumed Dead
« Last post by Jayda X on Today at 03:19:44 PM »
Listen, Naya killed herself. Even that lil boy's account - didnt sound like she was struggling to keep afloat or screaming out for help or anything. Sis slid below the water level and went to sleep...forever.
or she got sucked in by a whirlpool
No one takes their 4 year on a suicide trip where they are also at risk of witnessing the entire thing and probably getting back into the water themselves

come on kids! gotta make a store run and then go pay the phone bill. Oh and I got a quick stop at the lake, you may wanna call your dad if you don't wanna walk home.