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General Discussion / Re: Issa Rae Readying ‘Set It Off’ Remake
« Last post by Kode Red on Today at 10:24:36 AM »
They're going to fuck this up. The movie is TOO stamped into the culture for a remake. Each character is too iconic for anyone these days to do them justice.
General Discussion / Re: Canadian citizen reads the USA
« Last post by Freeruu on Today at 10:22:42 AM »
Canada isn't any safer for blacks than the states.

She should just mind her nigger business and stay over there.   


Sis was making some points till that last tweet
Top 15 on Pop radio is major. Glad 4 her. Hope to see her do more promo n maybe drop an official remix to the song.

Yeah, it’s really not. You can go to #1 on pop radio and still not have a top 10 hit just like you can be #40 on pop and have a top 10 hit. Streaming is the best sign of a song’s success nowadays. She needs all of the stations to play the song so the streaming audience will grow. I don’t see the song being big on urban or rhythmic.
General Discussion / Re: Canadian citizen reads the USA
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General Discussion / Rih on IG Live
« Last post by Freeruu on Today at 10:21:05 AM »

This bitch is having the time of her life & is active AF again

The album is close  :howfestive:

This unapologetic owt
Darkhairyoncé >>>>>>>>>>>>     
Awwww Sir & Rumi   
And Monica aint cute
Yeah but Kipp has bigger issues than new Brandy music if he on here fabricating shit and flat out LYING. And I  warned that faggot not to lie about that Fanny and Jazzy duet but he did it anyway. Now it's about to be blood everywhere.

And Kip really pissed me off coming for Scott tbh. I didn’t like that one bit. He’s posted over 1500 pics in that thread and even when he’s looking a mess, which is 75% of the time, ppl are still nice.

So this whole, “oblivious to why ppl are turned off by me” act was cute in small doses, but now it’s just aggravating. And even the sigs be too much “oh finer things!”
 Nigga I swear yawl was popping bottles of Sutter Home in one pic, and your shoes were worn out and dirty. So to look down on other members, ummm how?

Like ... you are NOT A BAD BITCH TROY :uhh:
Wait I need to check this out bc he can’t say nothing cuz they both post a lot in that thread

He didn't say nothing about how many times I post in there, he said something about my looks when I've never attacked his looks  (nor do I attack anyone else's but bitches attack mine on the LOW and I pay it) and that's where it comes from.
Yea since I’ve been on this board from 2011 till the present I’ve never seen u initiate anything. It’s always been other ppl trying u 🤦🏽‍♂️

Scott is passive aggressive though but he is much cuter than Kipp.

Scotty doesn't mess with anyone.

He irks my spirit a bit.

Not that I give a damn about your spirit, but I SAY NOTHING TO YOU but yet you got so much to say. When people sit up and drag you for kroger points, I don't ever join in.

But I'm glad to know that I'm "irking" you so much when you're never on my radar.
Not getting Kroger rewards for dragging TF outta this Nigga 😂😂😂😂
:dead: please shut up