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Why was he taste testing kfc in Amsterdam. I need answers.

BITCH why was this the exact one that made me gasp? :plzstop:
Why was he taste testing kfc in Amsterdam. I need answers.
General Discussion / Re: Kobe Bryant is dead.
« Last post by Navyman on Today at 04:11:06 AM »
Apparently they are still searching for 6 of the bodies. They're allegedly scattered throught the terrain.
General Discussion / Re: He’s so pretty
« Last post by Naomi Hit Me on Today at 04:07:26 AM »
The way y'all be picky in these threads I wonder what the men y'all actually have sex with look like  :uhh:

some of the apes i've seen posted in various threads.......

 :ummwhat: this boy is ALMOST perfect. If he had some ass....
I think he was talking about you
General Discussion / Re: Kobe Bryant is dead.
« Last post by Vonc2002 on Today at 04:02:38 AM »
This emotional Quee’

Ummmm this isn't even a Kobe jersey mess :dead:
The girls just want so Damn bad to be included smh
-I didn’t pressure u to suck those men off craigslist DICK..
-I didn’t inspire u to beg afro for money when ur family kicked u owt in philly.. when u showed up announced and unwelcome
-I didn’t take ur mouth and apply it to the dick of that nigger that had u doing meth..
-I didn’t help u fuck a married man in the room next to his ailing WIFE with cancer..
-I didn’t pressure u to allow a legion of crackheads to fuck up all ur spoons in ur house
-I didn’t tell u to kill all of ur cats..
-I didn’t tell u to buy a fucking Amsterdam plane ticket to go taste test KFC, faggot.
-I didn’t force u take niggers numbers from the Pizza Hut caller ID simply because u thought they sounded CUTE.
-I didn’t coerce u into marrying another white after you specifically dragged and lashed them and said how disgusting they were..

u did this faggot.. and u shared this shit.
ill always remind u of how shit ur life is

STEAM ON, moose
I’m looking forward to the annulment

U missed QUITE a few but

That crazy white guy who was the reporter

Yeah him

Forgot his name, it was a common cracker name
Chris. He hated Bey  :plzstop:

And he was on Montell Jordan
Montell Jordan is a singer,  dumb ass fag
This thread is the beginning of something very bad here though guys.. call me crazy all you want but this ain’t good. The girls are really about to come for each other’s necks. Not everyone will take you calling them a MENT girl lightly. Look how Marg came in here swinging. The craziest ones are most times the smartest most vindictive ones. I’m out of it.

So y’all gonna band together and form a Megazord tea?

I’ll call these girls what I want
Glock is so Damn DUMB
Has Sasha discovered those piss bottles?
Because I can be.
ask ur dirty ass why are u always up under mels and lavons posts :dead:

nasty nigger

All this old and false tea

Dyke scram