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Lisa wanted to choke the shit out of Kim
This is the only one I'll watch :dead: NY used to be good but sucks now


I still like RHOC, too.

:dead: :dead:

Mons might as well be independent. She's already established, and there's nothing a label can do for her that she can't do on her own.


Code Dead was proof

Since she left she's still booking The Chew, The Real, Hip Hop Squares, Fox's Star, etc

She's fine without them
General Discussion / Re: Wait drake has a tattoo of Sade?
« Last post by Saint on Today at 06:14:49 am »
thats sade?

and not aaliyah?
does it look like aaliyah?
General Discussion / Re: Benny Cassette producing on Ciara's new album!
« Last post by Saint on Today at 06:09:35 am »
I just want another Evolution type album from her
you'll never have another record label back your album Mya


Um...ok.  :ummwhat:

It really doesn't matter at this point since she can book an Apple Music deal and score a Grammy nod without the funding of a major label but kii.
General Discussion / everywhere u go, they stop & stare
« Last post by structure. on Today at 06:08:56 am »
cuz ur bad and it shows...
from ur head to ur toes, outta control....bvy u know


Larenz Tate deserves his. He can actually act.

She needs to fire Melinda.

That's what I used to say be she and Melinda must be doing something right because after 22 plus years she's still one of the top R&B girls

General Discussion / Re: dssss Paris Better Stan!
« Last post by structure. on Today at 05:56:00 am »

Not her hitting up Kennedy  :plzstop:

Queen knows the hot spot!
keepin it live
in the hood , in the 5
in front of kennedy fried :blessed:

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