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I need to go back and listen again cause I didnt really like it when I listened those couple of times
I listen to it many times and I still don’t care for it. I’m just tired of all this sleepy music. By let’s be positive, hope the spins continue and we get a video.
i rarely do. sorry lol
This is so disgusting to me.  Am sorry
I know but employers should pay their employees  :-/
Brandy Talk / Re: Nasty Bitches - Heart of Queens
« Last post by Bigmacthawoppa on Today at 12:04:20 AM »
Lmao who is writing this shit? Nasty bitches, xplicit sounds like someone playing a joke  :dead:
General Discussion / Re: Cruising
« Last post by BussyNBoots on April 20, 2021, 11:59:02 PM »
Not that kind of cruising you nasty fags. Get your mind out the gutter.

Although I have a lot of experience of this too.

I wanna gonna on a real cruise of the Caribbean or Mediterranean or Pacis Ocean. I need to do this.

Anybody ever been on a cruise.

There are also gay cruise ships to tend to your fag needs.


We don't want you in the Caribbean. That's unless you're treating...
I just listened to this to see what's what. Kinda boring but I think the adult slow rnb is her lane to success now. Not really a fan of how she's singing on it, but that seems to be her vocal approach nowadays. That roxie footbaw vocal affectation.  Sounds like she's singing with her bottom lip jutted out or something, I dunno.

I'm not a fan of it either. Same tone on Bye Bipolar. The key of the song is low for one which causes her to sing in that tone, but yeah, I dont like how she sounds on it. But she's definitely purposely singing like that, and I dont like it too much. The backgrounds though when she's singing higher, the "wouldnt that be nice" parts, heavenly. Love that.

I agree. I'm worried this low unappealing tone is what she means when she refers to her "comfortable range," like when she talks about rerecording Full Moon lower, etc. Hopefully she evolves out of that choice soon bc it sounds sloppy to my ears. One of the main reasons I couldn't get into b7, aside from the production. But I agree her higher backgrounds are pretty.
General Discussion / Re: Cruising
« Last post by BetterAngels on April 20, 2021, 11:49:30 PM »
Well, I go at least twice a year.  Can't wait for the cruise ships to start back operating.  I love them
General Discussion / Re: Waitress drags customers: "Tip me or eat at home"
« Last post by BetterAngels on April 20, 2021, 11:45:21 PM »
This child sounds dumb.  If you can't afford a tip, they stay your ass home and cook.  I can't stand a bitch that is cheap with a ti.  I have never had a server job becauseI would cuss a bitch out.
General Discussion / Re: Waitress drags customers: "Tip me or eat at home"
« Last post by Gilgamesh. on April 20, 2021, 11:44:14 PM »
They need to raise their wages. How can they legally pay $2 an hour? :uhh:
General Discussion / Re: Pose (FX) l The FINAL Season Airs May 2nd
« Last post by Freemala Harris on April 20, 2021, 11:43:43 PM »
Not too much

I Am Sasha Blanc' is in the works  :indiaarie:
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