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General Discussion / Re: Hulu gors, "Detroit" is here.
« Last post by Vonc2002 on Today at 09:35:45 PM »
I've had this awhile and still ain't watched
How about u do What the fck u just requested of bent and move tf around me,  lonely ass :dead:
Keep Ciara out your posts and we'd be good
I don't talk about ciara until u come in discussing rihanna. U know,  ur favorite past time. So once again, it all stems from u
It all stems from you, he says :kii:

yea ... you're about as delusional as I originally imagined :dead:
Glad bey and Rih got their own empires
Nothing wrong with power couples

Just because your fave bitch got skeeted in and dumped means nothing.

Bey and Jay

Will And Jada

Ciara and Russell


One of these is not like the others
Which one? Please tell me. I would love to hear how much Ciara isn't on Jada level. Care go explain, is it money? Movie roles? I know your go to for Bet, so we'll leave her out it. Explain. Now.
if u think for one second Ciara is HARDLY on Janet’s level of anything
You are 100% out of ur damn mind  :uhh:
General Discussion / Hulu gors, "Detroit" is here.
« Last post by one gor army on Today at 09:34:56 PM »
Am bout to dig in tonight before bed.

Focuses on the riots/civil unrest that hit Detroit in the summer of '67.

Vonc in every Ci thread/topic tryna piss me off :kii: and I'm just kii'd. My power. Ci's power
This literally makes no sense. My comment came before u even was here.
Your comment on any Ciara to0ic is because of how much I lash you and Rih

You admitted to it as well lol
Damn this boy is slow
But your words were that I recruited him

And u did and brought him here to help u, weak ass :kii:
Wrong all day
Wrong all night!

I'm kii'd up and collected  :jackiessales:
But your words were that I recruited him

I did not

Once again, you were wrong

General Discussion / Re: Who's more pretty? Cardi or Remy?
« Last post by one gor army on Today at 09:31:09 PM »
ok guys so tonight i have some roasted garlic hummus with celery sticks and ur choice of juice

first time tryin this brand and 'ummus so be honest

Can any of you faggots provide a source of Ci or the label declaring her album shelved
cause we have one for Liberation by Mya
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