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Remy is indie too
Lies ..... plus AZ is indie so this makes no damn sense! why are the barbs trying to shift the blame now?  :ummwhat:
General Discussion / Re: The Way This Judge Just BOOKED Them
« Last post by شيطان on Today at 07:57:46 am »
How did she get her degree. She sounds hood af.

 :shannonsmissing: :ack:
Nicki been taking shots for years at just about every female rapper.
General Discussion / Re: Shether is on iTunes - receipt thread
« Last post by شيطان on Today at 07:46:58 am »
This is the biggest rap flop gorl. Lil Mama one hit was bigger, Khia one hit was bigger, even Shawnna one hit was bigger. How you a one hit wonder with a moderate hit? Grimy bitch

Remy has 4 hits: "Ante Up", "Conceited", "Lean Back" and "All The Way Up"
Tinashe is in the back near the curtain
Not Remy ending Nicki being a National Holiday!

Well, happy fucking holidays to you too kwee'!
This must have been a pre oscar party

she looks radiant

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