Stephanie Mills Gathers Sam Smith For Not Liking MJ: "Have Several Seats"

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I disagree with him, but it's his opinion. He's entitled to have one. And I agree with those that say they can't get into Princess's music. Yuck-a
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Very over the top dddddd

But to not like Michael Jackson is to not like divine music

His music is simply the greatest

So I find it weird when people say they don?t use

no it's not



not really here for opinions hun




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Plenty of people don't like Michael Jackson and sam isn't a one hit wonder.  Is she ok

LOL, the hate some of these black people have for Sam and Adele or any blue eyed soul artists is ridiculous. How you gon? get mad cause their people support them? Your issue should be with the black people who?d rather bootleg your shit than buy it or watch you on Youtube than come to a concert.

I couldn?t be an artists because I?d be too real. Reporter: What do you think of Beyonce?s new album? Me: I think it?s average at best... I don?t understand this you can?t talk about other artists. Please, everybody talks about their co-workers. In fact, Janet, Mariah, Whitney and Madonna used to shade each other all the time. We recently saw Whitney on film shading Janet and Paula Abdul. AND IMHO, MJ could never sing as an adult. He had the same whispery ass voice like his sister. He slayed as a child, don?t know what happened as an adult...


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Michael Jackson definitely didn't have a whispery voice tho
This is my pass to say WHATEVER tf I wanna say about the mess she releases so I don't wanna hear SHIT! Baby mama is a mess of a song btw


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and janet only shaded madead