Author Topic: New Interview! BRANDY with "for me, this song is the single"  (Read 6356 times)

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"Oh, so u don't like change? Ok..." eraosuHDFKgbevwius


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BiiiiiiT yes!!

This song is everything

Good interview


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Im understand Bran not wanting to recreate songs from the past, either Full moon or Afro....

but hell.... Id live with a new Full moon, or another Should I go  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

I need that type of songs again  :traciandchelle:

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Really happy to hear this is the direction she is going. She can make waves with this type of sound, and I love it. Just from the first line in B&P I knew this was Brandy in top form. You can really tell the difference between the songs she connects to and doesn't.

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