I think it?s time to start lashing DL WOMEN! (Serious discussion inside)

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Jcjdjdjd give em hell queen


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  • ❤️????????????????????????
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Cncncncnccncn :heythere:



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Glock, Vonc, you're both right tbh. It goes both ways imo


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Im no fan of Brandy's until she gives me a reason to be. Release the fckn album and we'll SEE!
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The Mad Choke

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Women kind of stand in their mess

Yeah, I tried puss in college. Wasn?t for me


When I?m drunk I like to make out with girls, they?re better kissers

My best friend eats me out sometimes but we both love dick so it?s cool


The freedom, the confidence!

I wan dyke a bit lol

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I've encountered so many women (coworkers, classmates etc) that have admitted to fooling around with women and going back home to their man. It's much more common than ppl realize.