Crazy how you can try to guess someone's sexuality based on.... nothing. wow

Ppul often associate men with feminine predominance to be gay it has nothing to do with sexuality

Lewie D Im Caramel Bitches Ion Wanna hear Im Actin

If you’re my bro and we are chilling, either talking about sex or looking at ish on each others phones and your dick gets hard nigga pull that shit out and beat til you skeet my dude. I have no issue with that, shit, might join you. #BroCode

A whole lot of...nothing


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Toure could never sexually harass me. I'll say that

chile what happened?

Love this song! :blessed:


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I do think sometimes there’s a slippery slope

One of my “friends” in college was lowkey a creep and would always feel on my hand and give me weird stares that made me uncomfortable and Would touch me in places that made me question and I would hear storiew about how creepy he could he to others

But I never did actually tell him I was uncomfortable so I don’t feel like I can just be like sexual Harassment! Cause even though i never responded to his advances I never said No stop this wither