It’s so sad when you realize those u grew up looking up to aren’t invincible

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This was about me knowing my Grandma was gonna die soon btw guys


but um... sry for ur relatives messing :omgwatshappening:

Awww bby. Lemme hug u

my grandma died in 2004.

Still miss her.

fuck u btw.


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Okay I'm watching IT 2 and just clicked on this thread and it's freaking me out. 


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Sorry for your loss Kae
fuck a fantasy

Baph Sean.

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  • JK Rowling is Queen.
DM for new BOOCH chat

Same MESS different group. lolz

This Thread is a Ki and there is a double meaning behind the o p are older matriarchs and Patriarchs are often seen as Invincible or unmoving or grounded in the family and believes in their presence in our lives but we are here on our own soul purpose and path that is to discover that there is going to be in light minutes that we have that they don't or discoveries that clash with their discoveries and it's the integration of what you've learned and what they've learned and harmoniously coexisting in that without they're being any lack of respect on either end however usually the older one does not have any respect for the younger parties perspective or discoveries and it's an eye opener you learn to love your grandma or Grandpa despite their flaws and you move on with what you truly know to be fact

Lewie D Im Caramel Bitches Ion Wanna hear Im Actin

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I idolised my mum a bit when I was a kid but that was it.