If you weren’t related to your parents or siblings, would you still be friends?

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If you weren’t related to your parents or siblings, would you still be friends with them?

I really hope this doesn’t sound too bad but I genuinely don’t think I’d be friends with my parents or my siblings if we weren’t related  :dead: we all have a good relationship and we’re all on good terms but I don’t feel like I could talk about anything and everything with them. I’d rather go to my friends when it comes to things in my personal life such as relationship problems and stuff like that rather than my family because growing up, my parents were pretty strict so I’d always be careful about what I say to them and I’d always have to filter/censor myself and my true feelings.

If I have kids one day, that’s definitely one thing I want my children to know. That they could talk to me about everything.  :wub:



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My mom, yes. She's so sweet and just a beacon of light. Everyone loves her.

My brother, probably not. We are super close and get along great, but we're so different. :dead:


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No :dead: I love most of my family, but I don't actually like them as people

If we didn't happen to share DNA, you honestly couldn't pay me to be around them

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My two older brothers, no.
The other 10 siblings, yes

it’s all dead

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My Mom, of course. She's my WORLD. I don't even talk to my sister now, much less. CHILE. It's only my Mom.


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Mum, yes.

dad and sis...doubt it.

i have one cousin who I absolutely adore, we have so much in common, love her. 


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Yeah, I would. But only my immediately family :dead:
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No. My family can be irritating as fuck. And I know they only deal with my moody ass personality because we're family 😂


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  • My husband! :wub:
Only my little sister and my mom. They are my heart. :wub:

My Dad tries to control everything and likes to showboat and my other siblings act retarded so I’m good on them. 


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My extended family mostly.

my mom, dad, youngest brother for sure.

but my sister no. I love her because she’s my sister but l don’t like her as a person if that makes sense 


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I’d probably mess a bit tbh 

A. M. Lastrassi

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Like toni told them
Heffa’s no.

I tolerate and accept some mess because we are related. But I would’ve been cussed dogshit out of more than a few of them and might have in the past  :sobusyjetsetter:
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no. i give a toni mess, tbh.