Summer is pregnant.

Started by Gilgamesh., June 25, 2022, 08:42:29 PM

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Nine's Groove


This is my pass to say WHATEVER tf I wanna say about the mess she releases so I don't wanna hear SHIT! Baby mama is a mess of a song btw


2 under 2 by 2 is kind of crazy


Not her announcing her pregnancy and still resenting London


Blessed Be The Mufuckin Fruit!!!


Justice Jackson

This isn't good..

These dudes don't stay around and the next thing we know she complaining that she doing everything by herself again.

She's still at the beginning of her career. Sis is only good for 2 singles and 2.5 live performances as it is
Ketanji Jackson has come this far by faith.

Ketanji Brown will still beatcho ass.