RHOP Official Thread (Keiarna’s Suing Deborah For $10 Million)

Started by M-Rocka, May 24, 2021, 01:08:25 PM

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Is Candiace getting dragged again?  :ummwhat:


best selling female rapper of all time


Sorry I can't support her anymore. Not the gorl getting dragged every damn season. I really cannot take.


That Nigerian ho looks like she wants to whoop Gizelle's ass.


Wendy said Fuck these cameras!

Leave it to Ankles to talk about someone's man. :udontlookok:


Are they saying Wendy's man is gay?


They definitely edited Monique out of the promo pic and added in Mia.  :plzstop: :plzstop:

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i really hate candace. like sis. .. you starting shit again?? also i think chris will end up leaving her in a few years.  she is way to much to handle and she isnt talented.. death at here  thinking she is gonna have a singing career
wendy is in a bad position with no monique they need a new punching bag and it seems like that she is it 
giselle.  she is ugly inside and out.  she is always ready to talk about someone elses marriage but her own.. loved that it sounded like karen was reading her a bit. 
the fact i see this mia chick coming for candy is making me like her already .. i hope she gets drags again
they really need monique though 

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Quote from: Troye on May 24, 2021, 01:26:14 PM
Quote from: Spanish on May 24, 2021, 01:22:56 PM
Are they saying Wendy's man is gay?

i can see it tbh ..

I clocked him the first time I saw him on screen tbh.

I wanna eat his booch.  :stressed:


wendy lashing gizelle

candiace "i didnt grow up around that" throwing shit again

new gor lashing robyn

karen's "are you talking to me"  :diddraispoot:

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Well damn, did they start filming the day after the reunion? :plzstop:


Wendy and the new girl are lashing :dead:


No, there were rumors of Eddie cheating and having an outside child.