Basketball Wives: Britany Renner, Ev, & new faces; Miseri & Angel FIRED

Started by Georgina Sparks, October 10, 2019, 03:37:32 PM

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Opposites Attract.

No one sees it that's why everyone is on OG's side and they're doing side shows and getting cases thrown out lolz 

It's unconditional, these days you know....


And Cece should have left the show after the first fight she had. She isn't strong enough and she shouldn't discuss family matters on the show. She just ends up looking dumb and weak, she is better than that. I don't know why she is trying to become a mean girl all of a sudden. Girl just accept the fact that you are not a bully and find some real friends


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At this point anyone who don't see what they're doing to OG just refuse to. The shit is clear as fucking day and that shouldn't be okay at all.

OG isn't all that looks wise to me. She looks a mess and is not a slay but I still can acknowledge the double standards here. It's not fair.

The way they've been treating her has been disgusting but I wouldn't expect anything different from these bird brained hookers.

I am especially disgusted by Malaysia because I expected better from her but she is really slow so I don't know anymore.

I used to be a fan of Malaysia, now I don't give a f anymore. The drama with Cece was too much


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Cece came into this situation thinking that she would have an ally and support from Kristen. The moment Kristen decided to clique up with Shaunie, Evelyn and Jen, she railroaded Cece. There were no family issues to discuss until Kristen took it upon herself to bash Byron and bring that energy to the group. Cece was consistently being labeled as the culprit because that is the narrative that Kristen would bring to the rest of the cast. Laquisha didn't help matters. OG does not have the ideal euro centric features that the other dark skin women on the show have, so I do feel like her looks tend to weigh in their decision on how they treat her. Atlanta picked up an entire table and threw it at Jen, no one said nothing. Kristen was charging after OG when they got in an argument, no one said nothing. Tami has put her hands on multiple cast mates, no one said nothing. OG hasn't touched anyone and they are labeling her as aggressive and sequestered her on an entirely different stage at the reunion. Evelyn is a guttersnipe, she manipulates certain situations to benefit whatever agenda she has at the moment. What kind of a mother/alleged dv role model gets on national tv patting and swatting the cobwebs out of her pussy. Now she wants to say OG has cost her endorsements? Like what, flat tummy tea and fashionnova ads? Girl, YOU are the problem and Shaunie shouldn't even be allowed to have the control she has.


Big Barbie

Big Barbie

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I lived for her!

:plzstop: :plzstop: :plzstop: :plzstop: :plzstop:

Yea, they need to go ahead and give her a basketball for next season!


Some folks just ain't worth debating with cause if you can't see the Blatant favoritism with OG then you just don't want to. 

Trenches ain’t comin.

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I really don't think they're being colorist towards OG but they're def practicing a pretty privilege mess

u sure tf don't

ivorian oph

sffgggg most of the studio audience agreed OG is an aggressive ape

but singled out! don't wanna see it!