Bsource is truly special

Started by Mongolians in Russia, October 19, 2023, 10:56:14 PM

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Mongolians in Russia

tonight i just happened to be scrolling through old emails, pics

and all the pics of Garlic Bread, Siiren and I popped up..years ago when i first came to Atlanta as a visitor and fell in love ...we were all in the A just chillin and vibin' on music

connected thru Bsource.
and now that I'm here permanently Siiren comes over for dinner all the time and we vibe n chat and talk about GHan and artistry lol.

im grateful for so many amazing connections, so many unique people that i have encountered. so many FUNNY people.
so many CREATIVE people.

and i know I am not alone in feeling that way. i see some of the connections you have made amongst yourselves as well...especially lonz, squid, and the other artists on here. i love it.

yes it's a lot of MESS sometimes but it still has always been a place where u come and get a laugh on a rough day. even if it's at your own expense. :omf:

bsource is truly just as a mixed up, unpredictable, moody, goofy and creative mess as the person who started it.  :plzstop:

i love you bsource!!!!!!

not gonna name everyone cuz i know ill forget someone but if i love on you (or pick on you) on a regular basis know ur a fav.

also found this note as i was rummaging through old pics
and im reposting it cuz it's still fucking relevant today.

i fucking love bsource and i love ALL of you. that's all.

Grandma, grandpa, and their grandmas ❤️





Yes, this place is like a special tavern with its own patrons

And I feel like a lot of trends you see on Twitter nowadays come from here, like the random letters  :dead:

Stunna Gor’

It genuinely is a sisterhood


Buy The Stars✨

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yeah its crazy!! but  bsource wouldnt be here without fucking "brandyway" and "brandys horizon" :plzstop:  :plzstop:  :plzstop:  :plzstop:

i remember luke was in charge and he went crazy and is locked guantanamo bay  now and j strong aka justice strong aka ken dahl aka afro took over and the MESS BEGAN

tho i have met some cool ppl off here in person that i still talk to till this day.. who dont post on here anymore cause yall  scared them off

i forgot all about siren and garlic tho.

Stunna Gor’


Y'all remember the days of getting the board shut DOWN with GIFS. Me n MelMel kept y'all in FUMES


Quote from: Buy The Stars✨ on October 20, 2023, 01:05:25 AMi remember luke was in charge and he went crazy and is locked guantanamo bay  now
What, really? :guys:

Purple Moon

Must be a purple moon, feel like one of those nights...

Purple Moon

Must be a purple moon, feel like one of those nights...



It's a social media network to me

And not Guantanamo BAY :plzstop:

Ma Lo

Luke was a married straight white man with a family running a Brandy board she has the most diverse fan base tbh  :kii:


I been posting for so long and still got on the boards late cause I ain't never heard of Luke

I think I started posting around 05-06




Quote from: STUNNA GOD on October 20, 2023, 12:47:32 AMIt genuinely is a sisterhood

Bitch shut the fuck up! What sister hood?
Love, Peace, Blessings and cheers to the truth prevailing over all evil...


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