Shes givin me aaliyah here

Started by Edge gorl, October 21, 2022, 12:23:36 AM

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Edge gorl


Um...okay den

Da gag is ill slap both u hoes

ivorian oph

Quote from: Edge gorl on November 02, 2022, 02:56:29 AMBITCH frm earlier dis year

I fckin KNEW it
Look at sean shirt

Look damnit!

Alls im sayin is quings nex era is finna be musically very li inspire  :howfestive:


vvcvvcccc pond if u don't STOP this shit. 6 pages?  :dead:

Aliens of Russia

It's in my DNA. 👊🏾

Krasnodar: Home of the legendary Kuban Cossack warriors

I am 1 of only 325 Cossack descendants in America.

"What are they? 🤔 " Historians still debate our origins.

QuoteSome historians suggest Cossacks were of mixed origins (Russian, Tatars, Poles) Others suggest Cossacks are descended from nomads that originated from the Mongol sphere. Others suggest they actually originated from east central Asia or central Siberia.

Grandpa and his Grandma ✊🏾🇷🇺