Exclusive: Brandy Talks Mariah Colab, Queens, New Music, Full Moon (vid inside)

Started by Seven, January 06, 2022, 01:13:56 PM

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And yea, Brandy has never been good at describing her music or what's to come, in general. Even the Full moon and Afrodisiac interviews  :kii: you'd never know she went in there and created a masterpiece based on those basic interviews. It's the music that speaks IMO - I'd rather be in the studio with her to see how she creates and hear it before i ever sit down and listen to her talk about it. That's never been her thing so i take these lil tidbits with a grain of salt in that sense. It's something you just gotta hear and either u fuck with it or don't IMO, it's a gift and a curse but i've been more than satisfied the last two years or so.


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Funny though because during 2/11 era she kept saying that she was finally being true to her R&B roots and that's what she should stay doing. This talk about her branching out is actually new for her
b7 is not just R&B though (to me) and she said this during the entire era and promo of the album in 2020 in all those zoom interviews

I watched every interview. She's always dabbled in every genre and expression and it's not like she's shitting on R&B based on what she said. I'm not really understanding some of the comments in here but everyone's entitled to their opinion and interpretations.  She doesn't really say much at all so i can see why people take what she says and run with it in general (not directed at you or anyone in here).

I'm actually glad she isn't pandering like she used to as if she owes something to the R&B genre at this point.  She once said that Usher earned the right to explore other genres back in 2011 or so as if she hadn't and that's just BS. She can do whatever she wants musically and im happy to see her speaking to that. She's not a Keke Wyatt, Ledisi or Angie Stone kinda girl. Brandy been doing a myriad of things with a million different vocal approaches in that studio.

These interviews ain't saying anything new to me other than maybe her being more expressive about it

Ledisi and Angie Stone are neo-soul not R&B. There's a difference.  It's her need to consistently say she's more than R&B. Pop stars don't say they're more than Pop stars. It's weird. Which goes to my point, Jazmine, Jhene, summer walker, HER, etc. These are some of the leading R&B girls and they're out here building fan bases and getting radio play. I agree Brandy's voice and technique is beyond but please let's not act like Brandy put ANY other genre on her VERZUZ playlist. Because whoever helped her knew what people wanted to hear. Brandy can sing anything she wants. But it's all about execution.
Well she is more than r&b. The proab with Bran is that all her experimental/pop mess mostly ends up unreleased and I'm sure half of it is due to her and the other half due to industry politics. IDK why she doesn't just put out a series of small projects/ep's that cater to different sounds/parts of her voice and musicality. If she isn't looking for a hit then idk why she doesn't just do that.

Taking forever to record an album and looking for a cohesive sound is just not the way to go anymore unless ur dropping back to back. I'd love to hear her collaborate with Frank Ocean again and see what they come up with, esp after his sound took off and in a new direction after she really worked with him (she never works with artist at their peak point besides Monica, ugh). I want her in that Magic, Melancholy, Rather Be, Sweet Nothings pocket.
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