Bey’s “Renaissance” Album Thread

Started by JCJ HAS A PROBLEM, July 20, 2022, 04:23:18 PM

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Flawless Victory

Flawless Victory


Even the songs I thought were going to be the slow songs are explicit

Brazilian Milkshake

I honestly think "america has a problem" is gonna knock a bit
too classy for this world .

Quote from: PRESSED on April 20, 2022, 07:34:49 AMWait, Brazilian King!
"Are you really Brazilian?" (A complete breakdown):

Flawless Victory

July 21, 2022, 10:01:05 AM #63 Last Edit: July 21, 2022, 10:02:04 AM by Flawless Victory
Skrillex on there too

I'm not ready



Big Barbie

Quote from: Brazilian in ATL on July 21, 2022, 09:58:04 AMI honestly think "america has a problem" is gonna knock a bit
The titles are a kii but the entire album is gonna knock


Skrillex and The Neptunes on one track?


I see The-Dream is getting paid



Quote from: Nine on July 21, 2022, 07:54:06 AMA lot of great names in the album credits.

Sabrina Claudio, SYD, Hit Boy, Drake, Lucky Daye.



I know the SYD mess gives!  :flamebroiled:  :flamebroiled:  :flamebroiled:


Lucky Daye too?

This bitch didn't come to fck around



these samples have me SHOOK


best selling female rapper of all time


Not the "miss hunnay!"
That ppl used to quote on here hjhfdfdf