BTS photos of Naomi as Whitney in new biopic

Started by BrandySavedMyLife, August 05, 2022, 10:21:23 PM

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These are leaked images from the set.

Here you can see her recreating the 2009 Oprah "I didn't know my own strength" performance.

Here she is doing the 2004 World Music Awards medley performance.

To make her look more like Whitney, they created a set of prosthetic teeth for Naomi.

In real life she has a gap between her front teeth

The first teaser is allegedly coming out this month, the release of the movie is in December with a possible soundtrack with unreleased songs.


The only thing I'm here for is a new album with unreleased material...and maybe a broadway show. The rest they can keep.

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this blurry mess.  they coulda kept this


Is the film going to touch on her lesbian relationship with Robyn?

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Hmmm she must be a damn good actress if they went through all that trouble to get her close enough to the look, teeth included. We'll see. I feel like they should have given Whitney another 5-8 year break at least, so we could anticipate this a bit more.