Omarion wants y’all to make up your minds

Started by Brazilian Milkshake, August 04, 2022, 04:19:09 PM

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Big Barbie

Quote from: OmarionOne day people love you and 'he's the greatest performer'

I think I speak for the people when I say no one has ever said this, O.


He is really full of himself my GOD

Nine's Groove


Now he knows no one called him the greatest performer

delusional sexy self


All three of those things can be true at once. NO ONE has ever said O is a vocalist :kii:  :howfestive:

Flawless Victory


When has anyone ever said he was the greatest performer?


Omarion man... I really wish he took the Ray J route and just accepted the L for what it is and played it off

Big Barbie

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Big Barbie


We're just here for ur brother now, hun.

Just go disappear