Official Gif/Smiley Request & Storage Thread

Started by Red Ruby, October 19, 2021, 09:47:51 AM

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love of my life

Where is that gif of that girl eating her lunch like 🙄 as complete chaos erupts behind her with two hoes fightin 


Someone post the teairra mari one where shes saying bye and leaving hazel E looking stupid 
This is my pass to say WHATEVER tf I wanna say about the mess she releases so I don't wanna hear SHIT! Baby mama is a mess of a song btw


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I found it in another Gif thread (most of the links are dead because tinypic doesn't work anymore, I'll post what's left below)


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Archive - 2019 thread:

Buy The Stars✨

Where is the one with Monica from her flop show still standing where it shows her and her assistant pretending to handle business 


Blessed Be The Mufuckin Fruit!!!


MelMel posted a lot of them in the old thread


some of these are taking me back and taking me owt 


love of my life


She couldn't STAND kwee

miserable self