Ari Lennox praises Brandy’s Christmas album and Wants To Do a Song

Started by Ma Lo, November 21, 2023, 02:45:02 PM

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first she is SOO pretty. just freaking gorgeous. i wouldnt mind a song not sure about a whole album though. 

Ma Lo


She actually was at the writing camp Brandy and Kadence did last year
there must be some kind of NDA in place because she was on Tank's podcast and kinda mentioned it in a secretive way hmmm

Justice Jackson

Ketanji Jackson has come this far by faith.

Ketanji Brown will still beatcho ass.

DemetriusRocka 🤴🏾

Beautiful girl. Beautiful voice. I would love a song. B9 is going to kick butt and shock us all.
Team Outsider

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Her and Bran's record would definitely give a neo-soul mess


I would love for Ari to write for Bran on the next album, & more cuts from the new girls who love her & will get her sound. More of Victoria's pen, get songs from Syd (of the Internet), Kelela, Solange, & maybe Kehlani