Saucy Santana Stirs Up Discourse After Praising Gays For Ruling The World

Started by Freemala Harris, June 23, 2022, 02:35:03 PM

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Freemala Harris

A Number Of Internet Users Put The 'Material Girl' Rapper On Blast After Declaring At A Show That Gay Men Are The 'Blueprint,' With One Person Calls Him 'Misogynistic.'

Saucy Santana has faced criticism over his recent statements. The "Material Girl" rapper found himself being dragged by online users after declaring that gays rule the world because he thinks women need them.

Santana made the comments when performing in Dallas, Texas over the weekend. Noting that gay men are the "blueprint," he said, "One time for the LGT in this b***h... 'Cause I want you to know gays run the motherf**king world, b***h."

"When these h*es need their hair done, they call the gays. When them h*es need a stylist, they call the motherf**king gays," the emcee added. "When them h*es need they motherf**king face done, they call the gays. And when they need advice about their dog a** baby daddies they call the gays. 'Cause we the motherf**king blueprint to this b***h."

Not stopping there, Santana continued his rant by saying, "A gay rapper that's really running s**t out here." He further declared, "I've been holding it motherf**king down for all of us in this b***h. So, don't hate. Congratulate b***h."


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